The car's front end was completely destroyed by microwaves, yet the back of the car was untouched. Proof of DEW (Directed Energy Weapons). Santa Rosa, California, Oct. '17
Here is a very clear image of damage caused by trillion watt microwave lasers from above. This is not evidence of a normal wildfire.

This site is dedicated to those who want to know what will happen in the near future. 

Don't be caught unawares!

The Bible predicts a time of calamity ahead, and it will include financial hardships. Many will perish due to wars, famines, diseases, and even at the hand of wild beasts. Fully one-half of the world's population will die untimely deaths, according to the book of Revelation, chapters 6-19. The financial hardships of the survivors will be severe--a day's wages will only bring a loaf of bread. A tyrannical world system will control everyone, and require that global citizens take their mark in order to buy or sell anything. Those that go along with the system are doomed forever. Those that come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior will be beheaded; there's no easy way out, once you are in this terrible, seven-year reign of terror.

The only escape is for people to place their faith in God alone (and his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ) and He will deliver them physically beyond this earth for a safe haven in the Father's house during this seven year period of terror. See 1 Thessalonians 4:16 and 1 Corinthians 15:55 for proof. When you read this message, it might already be too late to escape this time of God's Wrath, spoken of many times in both Testaments.

In the early '80s, I had the fortunate experience to glean much knowledge of a spiritual nature from various Bible expositors such as Wayne Carver of Texas. A sampling of some of his books, along with Charles Halff's books,  are shown below in PDF format below.

Breakfast with the Saviour.pdf Breakfast with the Saviour.pdf
Size : 967.143 Kb
Type : pdf
Christianity and Gods Word to Israel.pdf Christianity and Gods Word to Israel.pdf
Size : 564.965 Kb
Type : pdf
Clouds without Water.pdf Clouds without Water.pdf
Size : 2717.742 Kb
Type : pdf
Descent of Man.pdf Descent of Man.pdf
Size : 2452.326 Kb
Type : pdf
Father Son and Holy Spirit.pdf Father Son and Holy Spirit.pdf
Size : 940.345 Kb
Type : pdf
Godly Living in an Ungodly World.pdf Godly Living in an Ungodly World.pdf
Size : 2112.592 Kb
Type : pdf
Gods Glorious Grace.pdf Gods Glorious Grace.pdf
Size : 924.992 Kb
Type : pdf
Gods Infallible Word.pdf Gods Infallible Word.pdf
Size : 1598.92 Kb
Type : pdf
Law of Moses and Grace of God.pdf Law of Moses and Grace of God.pdf
Size : 452.995 Kb
Type : pdf
Meeting in the Air.pdf Meeting in the Air.pdf
Size : 858.073 Kb
Type : pdf
Mystery of the 144,000.pdf Mystery of the 144,000.pdf
Size : 845.182 Kb
Type : pdf
Mysteries of the Kingdom.pdf Mysteries of the Kingdom.pdf
Size : 1390.085 Kb
Type : pdf
Only Prophecy the Jews Fear to Read.pdf Only Prophecy the Jews Fear to Read.pdf
Size : 957.297 Kb
Type : pdf
Panorama of the Ages.pdf Panorama of the Ages.pdf
Size : 1086.415 Kb
Type : pdf
Resurrection of the Body.pdf Resurrection of the Body.pdf
Size : 2700.561 Kb
Type : pdf
Satanic Delusions of the Last Days.pdf Satanic Delusions of the Last Days.pdf
Size : 3040.475 Kb
Type : pdf
Suffering Saviour.pdf Suffering Saviour.pdf
Size : 824.347 Kb
Type : pdf
Thy Kingdom Come.pdf Thy Kingdom Come.pdf
Size : 784.214 Kb
Type : pdf
Two Covenants Law & Grace.pdf Two Covenants Law & Grace.pdf
Size : 4649.177 Kb
Type : pdf
Who was Melchizedek.pdf Who was Melchizedek.pdf
Size : 1334.809 Kb
Type : pdf
World that then Was.pdf World that then Was.pdf
Size : 1333.507 Kb
Type : pdf
World War III in Prophecy.pdf World War III in Prophecy.pdf
Size : 2107.172 Kb
Type : pdf

More of Wayne Carver's pamphlets can be found on: